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Jessica White

The Broken Immortals : Books 4-6: A Dark and Steamy Fairy Tale Signed SPECIAL EDITION Paperback

The Broken Immortals : Books 4-6: A Dark and Steamy Fairy Tale Signed SPECIAL EDITION Paperback

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Main Tropes

  • Dark Fantasy
  • Fated Mates
  • Magic


On the verge of being reunited with her husband, the witch Tessa Mason travels across the country to attend her brother’s wedding and say goodbye to their way of life forever.

But when her new Lycan brothers-in-law fall under her spell and claim Tessa as their mate, they’ll learn the hard way who the Alpha in their territory really is.

Take on a journey beyond the usual paranormal romance as the witch Tessa Mason navigates a dark and twisted world in The Broken Immortals series.When she drives to a werewolf territory for her twin brother's wedding, Tessa's life takes a sinister turn.

Unbeknownst to her, brothers-in-law Logan and Jacob claim her as their fated mate, thrusting her into a world of darkness and desire.

Defiance fuels Tessa, but her brother's betrayal leaves her defenseless, her every move haunted by the relentless twins.

Bound by revenge, this naughty, wicked witch is determined to have her vengeance on her handsome captors in a story as dark as their desires.

Dive into a dark romantic fantasy series that challenges conventions, where the pursuit of love is entangled with vengeance and the consequences of forbidden desires.

Discover if there can be a true victor in a world teeming with shadows.

This is not your typical happily ever after paranormal romance, but a journey into the depths of passion and darkness. Are you ready for the ride?

This is the continuation of the series,The Broken Immortals. Contains books four through six:Breaking the Queen, The Red Queen, and The Ranger.

Intro into Chapter One

Even the sun realized something wicked entered paradise that warm May evening. 

The gray clouds devoured the perfect blue sky, and the wind kicked up outside the idyllic farmhouse, leaving a cold mist on the window.

A blast of Logan’s breath spread across the glass. He hurried to wipe the mist away to keep a clear view for the dark presence that barreled toward his parents’ home.

Flecks of gold shimmered in the young werewolf’s green eyes as they fixed on the black wooden gate at the end of the tree-lined driveway.

Long tattooed forearms crossed a rather bulky chest and stretched his black t-shirt as he rubbed at the flutter in his heart. “Where the hell is she?”

A set of fingers belonging to another pair of muscle-clad arms appeared on the marble-topped table’s edge beside him as his brother joined Logan at the window. “Teddy said she’ll be here any minute.”

The tremor in Logan’s hands disappeared long enough for him to push his fingers through his dirty blonde hair as he turned to the family room. “Do you feel this, or am I crazy?”

The bluest eyes smiled at Logan, and he scratched at the pale hair on his chin. “The second she got into town.”

To settle his nerves, the young Alpha spent the day with a heavy bag in the basement. His sore muscles melted into the soft brown couch as he leaned over on his knees. “How the hell are we supposed to pretend like this isn’t happening?”

The white lace curtain jerked back under Jacob’s fingers as he peeked down the road one last time. “She just lost her husband and her baby. We need to give her time.”

Every ounce of his body wanted to charge to the little bed-and-breakfast in town to track down his mate. Yet Jacob sank back into the worn leather chair across from his brother instead and stretched out his legs. 

He swatted the dust from his blue shirt and jerked his shoulder. “Unless she comes to us.”

Many arrangements were discussed since they found the coppery sorceress’ photograph. In the split second they held each other’s gaze, they agreed on the plan, and Logan pulled his beard through his thumb and forefinger. “Right.”

While he listened to his perky fiancée chat with her mother in the kitchen, an iciness claimed Teddy’s fingers, and a shiver consumed him.

The mind link between them severed the day he snatched his sister’s memories away, but he still felt her deep in his chest. 

Losing his twin was like a bottomless hole in his center, and no matter how much love his new family gave him, it never filled. “Here we go.”

Soft scuffs from the soles of the copper warlock’s leather loafers rushed against the wood floors as he shook the guilt of his sins away from his hands. 

The word forgiveness didn’t exist in his sister’s vocabulary, and he hoped she wouldn’t beat him to death with the olive branch he held out to her.

The tall, lean man of magic crossed the bright oak floor, and his curly, dark hair bounced in the breeze he made. Bringing up his finger, he issued one final warning. “Not a word, fellas.”

As soon as he saw her black ballet flat hit the gravel, the screen door of the white home swung open. “Hey, good looking.”

Like an angel swooping down from the heaven they could never enter to save her lost soul, the sleeves of his white shirt spread out beside him. 

His eyes narrowed, and his lips puckered as his fingers bent toward him. “Get over here and give me some sugar, Sugar.”

A pointy tooth dug into her plump bottom lip as she cackled and skipped into his arms. 

Her feet hovered above the ground, and Teddy swung her back and forth as he gave her a long, noisy kiss on her cheek. “Mmm-mmm. I sure have missed you.”

Bringing the Earth back to her, Teddy’s knees sunk until his nose smashed against hers. “I almost forgot how pretty you are.” 

After a few blinks of his eyes, they pooled with tears, and he shook his head. “I’m sorry I left you like that. Forgive me.”

A crooked finger wagged between them as Tessa shook her head. “Don’t worry about a thing, Teddy Bear.”

Hushed voices sneaked into the bubble surrounding them, and Teddy sighed as he inched backward and tugged on her hand. “Plaster on your game face, Killer. There’s some folks for you to impress.”

The moment Teddy stepped aside, Logan caught the first glimpse of Tessa in the flesh. Like a wrecking ball rammed into his chest, all the air escaped him, and his hand slapped across his mouth when he gasped. “My God.”

Even with her long black dress, he could make out each one of her perfect curves. Every strike of her foot shot through him like a thunderbolt, weakening his knees and the ability to keep his promises a little.

“Better than a picture on the fridge, isn’t she?” When Jacob’s hand met his brother’s shoulder, he leaned into his ear because he sensed his willpower slipping away. “Relax. We got time.”

Perfectly polished hands took turns fanning her eyes dry while they approached the family. Drool collected at the corner of Logan’s mouth from the scent of strawberries and champagne in each swat, and he rushed to wipe it away.

“Gentlemen,” — Teddy’s hand crossed his chest and motioned to his sister — “this is my more interesting half.” 

About a foot taller than his twin, he rested his chin on her head as he flung his palm at the two men waiting for their turn. “Sugar, these are Stella’s brothers, Jacob and Logan.”

The only thing that can kill an immortal creature is a tall glass of bloody violence.

Still, Logan nearly collapsed there at Tessa’s feet because he knew his life would never be the same after that moment.

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