Just when I think I’m moving on with my life, here comes another man to turn my entire world upside down... in the best way possible.

Small Town Romance

Love Like Mine : A Steamy Over 40 Love Story

A woman who gave up on ever being happy, a work obsessed man ready to settle down, and a second chance at the love of a lifetime.

Swearing off love forever after her husband’s betrayal, Sadie Walsh pours herself into her work. But when her new boss comes into her life, Halvor shows her there are still some good men left in her world.

Unfortunately, Halvor’s own heartbreak makes him insecure about competing for Sadie’s affection. So he makes a mistake that sends her right into another man’s arms and away from their small town.

But when fate reunites them, will they give love a second chance?

Love Like Mine is a second chance romance from the Love Stories From a Small Town Series. If you love a romance with a steamy older man, second chances, and small-town life, you'll love this series!

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Small Town Age Gap Romance


A woman who only wants to start over somewhere new, the men who would do anything to protect her, and a dark secret that threatens to destroy them all.

After losing my husband, I moved to a small town in the Rocky Mountains for a fresh start. But when two men determined to win my heart fight for my attention, I end up in someone else’s sight too.

Torn between the man of my dreams and the fear of losing everything, I make a choice with disastrous consequences.

When a ghost from my past comes back to haunt me, I find out who I can really trust and that I have one more secret that changes everything… if I survive.

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Small Town Age Gap Romance

Almost Home

On the verge of having the life every woman dreams of, a successful businesswoman returns to the hometown she hates to save her brother’s failing business. But when her first love rescues her on a snowy mountain road, Raena decides life in a small town might not be so bad after all.

If it helps her get back at the brother and father she hates so much, well, that’s just a bonus!

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Small Town Age Gap Romance


On the verge of finally having the family he’s always dreamed of, a small town sheriff fights to clear his name when a woman makes an outrageous accusation against him before he loses the love of a lifetime.

All Chris Milton wants is to keep his little family together.

After a year and a half of being everything to everyone, though, he makes a mistake that rips his life apart.

The timing couldn't be worse, because he was so close to having everything he dreamed of.

But that mistake isn't quite willing to only disappear without a fight... and she has her sights set on the one thing Chris loves most.

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Small Town Romance

The Reunion

Back in town for her high school reunion, Faith comes face to face with her first love. But as they confront the lies that kept them apart, they wonder if they can give their relationship another chance.

Faith Bennett returns to her hometown for a job interview, dreading the idea of facing the man who shattered her heart twenty years earlier.

The memory of the woman he proposed to on the night of their high school graduation has haunted Dominic Vasser. So, when he finds out they’ll soon be working side by side, those wounds he thought were healed are ripped open.

Constantly reminded of the love she left behind, Faith navigates her new life while Dominic struggles with his unresolved feelings. Despite their fears, sparks fly when they cross paths, reigniting the passion they thought was extinguished.

Confronted with the truth that a web of lies has kept them apart, Faith and Dominic grapple with the betrayal of their loved ones as they decide if they can overcome the past and embrace a future together.

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 The Assignment: A Dark Small Town Midlife Romance at

Dark Romance

The Assignment

A roaming nurse looking for a place to settle down accepts an assignment at a small town hospital the same week a group of motorcyclists arrive for their yearly rally.

But when she becomes the obsession of one of the rowdy bikers, she struggles to navigate the winding path of her reluctant heart.

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