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Romantic Suspense

Under His Watch

Ava Rossi falls for a mysterious man who seems to always show up right when she needs him. Bishop Conners becomes a little more obsessed every day with the one person in the world he shouldn't care about.

Faced with an impossible decision that will destroy them both, he disappears from Ava's world entirely.

But as Ava unravels the secrets of Bishop's past, she realizes she's never really been far from his thoughts...

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Dark Fantasy

The Oracle (Complete)

Instead of her routine morning jog, Emily Gazer runs straight into a magical land to escape a black-eyed stalker. Thrust into an ancient world that threatens her life at every turn, Emily finds her only chance of survival lies in a handsome young warrior named Olen.

Despite their attraction, Emily learns Olen and the other men of the tribe are forbidden to take her as a wife. When an outsider challenges Olen for the right to marry Emily, though, he breaks his vows to keep her with his tribe... but that's only the beginning of their nightmare.

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Small Town Age Gap Romance

Almost Home (Complete)

When Raena Loomis goes back to her hometown in the mountains to save her family's failing business, she remembers immediately why she left them behind in the first place.

But when she runs into the game warden on a snowy mountain road, she decides life in that town might not be so awful after all.

If it helps her get back at the brother and father she hates so much, well, that's just a bonus.

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Steamy Thriller

Term of Service (Updated May 19)

Strapped for cash when I lost my job, I made a deal with the devil. In exchange for money to care for my dying father, I agree to work in a remote region near the Canada border. When it's time for me to fulfill my obligation to my employer, I'm sent to a little town out in the middle of nowhere. Walking out of one nightmare and running into the next, I immediately start working on a plan to escape my handsome captor. But I'm about to find out there is no escaping my term of service.

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Paranormal Romance

The Oddities Shop (Complete)

When Marcy opens her thrift shop one snowy morning, she discovers the shipwrecked pirate in her favorite painting has changed. So when a sinister old man comes looking to buy it, she has second thoughts, no matter how badly she needs the money. When she rushes to hide the portrait among the other garbage that lines her shelves, she discovers the handsome sailor is missing entirely. But that's not even the strangest thing that happens that night...

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Dark Fantasy

Dark Tides

Morgan Tides wakes up in a world she doesn't understand. Soren Cutter is a dashing sea captain with a gaze as icy as the Northern lands he hails from. To escape the law that always seems to be at her heels, Morgan hides away on a pirate ship. Now face to face with Captain Cutter, Morgan's life is turned upside down. As all of her secrets slowly come to the surface, Soren must navigate through the treacherous waters of Morgan's past. But every truth revealed only tears them apart a little more.

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 The Assignment: A Dark Small Town Midlife Romance at

Dark Romance

The Assignment (Updated May 20)

A roaming nurse looking for a place to settle down accepts an assignment at a small town hospital the same week a group of motorcyclists arrive for their yearly rally.

But when she becomes the obsession of one of the rowdy bikers, she struggles to navigate the winding path of her reluctant heart.

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An Over 40 Romantic Suspense

Behind the Mask (Complete)

On a mission to forget her nothing-special life back home, romance author Evelina Nieves lives it up while she's away on business.

But when she meets a man straight from the pages of one of her books, she lets herself get swept up into the magic like one of those lucky women she writes about.

Thinking she'd never have to see him again, she sneaks out at first light. But when she comes face to face with her mysterious lover again, all their dark secrets come back to haunt them both.

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A Secure Heart

Haunted by the memories of a bad marriage, Lacey locks her heart away, living out her fantasies through the characters of the books she reads instead. In another part of town, Greig pours his life into his job, leaving him no time for personal connections. But when he stops by the local bar, fate intervenes to bring these two lonely hearts together for one amazing night. Just when Lacey thinks their story is over, though, Greig walks back into her life to prove happy endings really do exist.

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Sci Fi Romance

Beyond the Stars

Carly is afraid of the unknown, and Shawn has a secret that defies the boundaries of reality. When their paths cross, they're drawn into a love that transcends the very fabric of space and time. But as quickly as he comes into her life, Shawn falls off the face of the Earth. Left broken-hearted and wondering what happened to him, Carly slowly pulls herself together and moves on with her life until everything she thought she knew comes crashing down on her one dark and stormy night.

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