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The Warlock's Sons: A Companion to the Darke Wolf (The Broken Immortals)

The Warlock's Sons: A Companion to the Darke Wolf (The Broken Immortals)

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Main Tropes

  • Dark Fantasy with a Dose of Steamy Romance
  • Fated Mates
  • Witches and Werewolves


A not very special witch starting over in a sleepy little mountain town, three brothers who all have her in their sights, and one very big problem...

A dark & steamy reverse harem romantic fantasy from The Broken Immortals Series.

Intro into Chapter One

The moment I crossed the little highway sign welcoming travelers to our train stop village that refused to grow up, a rush of energy sprung from my center to widen my tired eyes.

Though I was always thrilled to find myself home again after spending time in the world of humans, some strange longing for the comfort of my own things about me had me stomping on the gas pedal and rushing through the stop sign at the end of the road.

In the driveway of my parent’s farmhouse, a foreign sports car no one in a little town like mine could afford reminded me why I was speeding home in the first place. “Son of a bitch. I completely forgot.”

The door of my black Expedition shut behind me, and I slung my leather bag over my shoulder as I pushed off on my toe. “The potion maker. Fantastic.”

Unlike me to forget anything ever, I’d been off my game for days now. A hum in my blood made the homesickness in my nerves ache so much more. The wolf inside me was restless, stirring and scratching to be set free the entire time I was away on pack business beyond this territory’s limits.

Back to the safety of this supernatural paradise, all I wanted to do right now was rip off my clothes and run for the woods up on those mountains surrounding us.

But my father had been trying to slide back into his Order’s good graces for decades. A once powerful warlock was reduced to quietly managing our wolf pack instead of claiming his rightful place in their society.

Ever since the day his twin was ripped from this world, he was never the same. Racked with guilt and anxiety until he was hardly a witch at all now, I’d do anything to bring the spark of magic back to him.

So, with each step I took across the drive, I practiced my fakest smile and searched the filing cabinet of my mind for a joke or two. My father’s former leader had a pile of whack-job children peppering the planet, and I got the honor of entertaining one tonight.

As quietly as I could, I pushed the front door open. Still, when I rounded the gray stone fireplace separating the foyer and living room, my father was rushing toward me with his emerald green eyes doubled. “Nice of you to join us, Mr. Punctual.”

The strap of my leather laptop bag unwrapped from my shoulder, and I set it behind the sofa as I jerked my eyebrows back at him. “Sorry about that. The traffic on the beltway was insane.”

An arched brow scrutinized me from head to toe when he rested his fists on his hips and wrinkled his nose. “You look like hammered shit, by the way.” Curly dark hair flipped over when he motioned to the staircase and wiggled his finger at me. “Why don’t you hustle upstairs and change that ugly ass shirt real quick?”

Just a dash less vain than the man across from me, a surge of panic that I wasn’t as dapper as the image in my mind had me pulling the shirt from my belly to check myself over. “You got anything in mind?”

Leather loafers scuffed the floor as he turned away from me and pointed to the ceiling. “There’s a green one on the back of my bedroom door that’s already pressed.” Clapping his hands together as he came to the open doors of the formal dining room, Dad flipped out his double finger guns to everyone inside. “So, where were we?”

Familiar voices laughed and chattered as they grew softer with every step I climbed until they were only muffled vibrations when I pulled the hanger from the door. The spitting image of my father, my eyes brightened a little more when I wore the right color, and I tucked the tea green button down into my khakis. That unruly curl at my widow’s peak refused to be tamed tonight, and I blew it away as I gave the rest of my hair a shake-out. “Don’t go crazy.”

Though every one of Billy’s daughters I’d been forced to shmooze was even better looking than the last, it was understood by every unattached male member of the pack that they were off-limits. “I realize you need to get laid, but you don’t need that kind of hassle.”

Something in my words made my stomach clench, and I rubbed the spasm as I spun away from the cringing man in my reflection. “She’s here with her boyfriend, anyway.”

On my way out the door, a little of my dad’s Dior rained down over me when I spritzed it into the air. “What the hell? She might be Mrs. Right.” The best toothy smile my father taught me spread over my face as I jogged down the steps. “Showtime.”

The scent of apple pie trickled over me as I rounded the warm oak banister at the bottom of the stairs, and my mouth watered instantly. Yet, when the sweetest voice I ever heard stopped me in my tracks, the adrenaline that dumped into my bloodstream made it a desert again.

Outside those doors, I realized my entire future awaited me. I must admit that my knees buckled so fast that I had to brace myself against the wall to regain my bearings. “You got to be shitting me?”

Pulsing with their own life, every cell of my body vibrated a little more with each French-laced word coming from her mouth.

Bathed in her fall apples and cinnamon when I crossed the threshold, my white-haired beauty moved her chin back to peek over her shoulder at me. The clicking of her heart in my ears took off like a tiger going in for the kill while dad looked up from the glass of wine he was pouring her. “There he is.”

Motioning to her with a tip of his head, a wiggle of Dad’s brows and his naughty grin told me my life was about to change dramatically. And for once, I was okay with having no control over my fate. “Say hello to Sophie, son.”

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