The Reunion: A Small Town Second Chance Romance by Jessica White Books OUT NOW!

The Reunion: A Small Town Second Chance Romance by Jessica White Books OUT NOW!

Back in her hometown for her high school reunion, Faith comes face to face with her first love from twenty years ago. But as they confront the lies that kept them apart all that time, they wonder if they can give their relationship another chance.

Faith Bennett reluctantly returns to her hometown for a job interview on the eve of her high school reunion, dreading the idea of facing her first love who shattered her heart twenty years earlier.

The memory of the woman he proposed to on the night of their high school graduation has haunted dedicated intensive care physician Dominic Vasser for two decades. So, when he finds out they’ll soon be working side by side, those old wounds he thought were healed are ripped open again.

Constantly reminded of the love she left behind, Faith navigates her new life while Dominic struggles with his unresolved feelings and juggles the demands of his career and family. Despite their fears, sparks fly when they cross paths, reigniting the passion they thought was long ago extinguished.

Confronted with the harsh truth that a web of lies has kept them apart for years, Faith and Dominic grapple with the betrayal of their loved ones as they decide if they can overcome the past and embrace a future together.

The Reunion is a book from the series, Love Stories from a Small Town. If you like a small town second chance romance with more mature couples, you’ll love this series!
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