The Firebreather

The Firebreather

With the entire world on the verge of war, a witch with a serious memory problem teams up with her greatest enemy to find her daughter. But when he gives Tessa a potion to restore her mind, she discovers those secrets she longed to remember were only the beginning of reclaiming her rightful place in the world of magic.

When her daughter goes missing right before her wedding, Tessa has no choice but to team up with the fiercest enemy her family has ever known to find her. But the deal is — she must take one of his potions before he’ll reunite them.

Suspicious of his intentions but desperate to find her child, Tessa agrees. At last, a million tiny doors in her mind open, instantly returning every memory and lifetime to her.

But the war, a thousand years in the making, has finally come for the Realm, and Tessa must choose between reclaiming the love of her life or saving the world instead.

I'm really happy to bring to you the series conclusion for The Broken Immortals. I could have gone on forever for Tessa, but I felt like it was time to give her the ending she deserves. 

But there's another story that kind of came to me as I was finishing it up. So I'm going to release a story for my Lycan twins sometime this year, possibly next under the Stories from the Realm series umbrella.



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