About the Author

Dark Romantic Fantasy and Steamy Romance

Welcome to the stories of Jessica White, where the world comes alive with dark fantasy, small-town secrets, and sizzling romance.

About the Author:
Jessica is a former nurse turned storyteller from the mountains of West Virginia. Beyond crafting tales, Jessica loves all things metaphysical, the wonders of nature, buttercream icing, and the magic of Harry Potter (still waiting for that letter!).

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  • Melissa- The Broken Immortals

    What a series! I loved getting to meet so many new and different characters. If you're a fan of fated mates, magic, the "she's mine" trope, and some dark twists,
    then you need this series! I look forward to reading the rest of the series!


  • LKT- Mercy

    From the description I thought this was going to be a cliché, predictable read. Imagine my surprise when i found myself unable to stop reading! There were just the right amounts of sorrow, joy, sexiness, and suspense. Romantic without overdoing it. The sex scenes were well written. Juicy, hot, without cringy quivering members. I really enjoyed the characters. Mercy, especially, struck a chord in my soul. I can't wait to read more in this series and from this author!

  • Jennifer- The Immortal's Mate

    Strong, interesting, and fascinating characters that are well developed and diverse. The storyline is very well written, filled with magic, danger, death, politics, intrigue, and subterfuge. The plot thickens, the suspense builds, and the passion erupts! I can’t wait to read more from this author.